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iUKHost offer low cost and reliable shared web hosting in the UK. You are clearly very intelligent to have found this website so I hope the packages at iUKHost for personal and business users meet your needs. All plans have high uptime and a fast support service.

iUKHost have web design and hosting services to businesses and individuals. Using cPanel on Linux servers we make the most of the server resources to power your website ensuring that it performs to the best of its ability. 24/7 monitoring ensures minimal downtime and fast support means you are not left waiting around.

Blog Hosting

Blogs have become very popular and there are more and more every day. iUKHost offers blog hosting that allows you to create a blog just by clicking which means there is no manual installation required.

Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

iUKHost are a proud reseller of all types of hosting. I offer a more personal approch to hosting with all e-mail responsese be handled by me. There are monitoring services at the data centre to ensure that the servers stay online and any other support requests are sorted as fast as possible.

There are a variety of services to choose from such as cPanel shared hosting. There are also UK VPS Hosting plans running on Linux and Windows. Reliable Dedicated Servers are available for websites that need a lot of resources.

Do iUKHost support WordPress web hosting?

Yes, WordPress is available with any of our web hosting packages. You can quickly install WordPress from the Fantastico section in cPanel. This enables you to install WordPress in a matter of minutes without having to have any technical knowledge. WordPress is one of the most widely used free blog platforms available, it makes management easy with third party plug-ins & ability to upload your own themes. iUKHost provide reliable blog hosting services at an affordable price.

The powerful administration panel allows you to write posts and publish them at the push of a button. You can also manage previous posts, make updates & view comments made by your readers. Here are some further features of WordPress:

  • Full standards compliance
  • WordPress Pages
  • WordPress Links
  • Themes
  • Cross-blog communication tools
  • Comments
  • Spam protection
  • Full user registration
  • Easy installation and upgrades

Everyone has different needs when looking for shared web hosting. You will need a certain amount of space and bandwidth for your website. You may also need databases, add-on domains, sub-domains and e-mail accounts. You should check with the host that the package will meet your needs.

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